Kingsport Couple Faces Child Neglect-Abuse After “Flamethrowing Demonstration”

A fire demonstration, using a home-made flamethrower turned out to be a really bad idea for two Kingsport residents, who are now facing child abuse and neglect charges. 37 year old Dean Sparks and his wife Kayla Sparks were arrested after firefighters were called to the 1100 block of Ward Place in reference to a structure fire. No fire was found, but Sparks said he was doing a fire demonstration using a homemade flamethrower. A Kingsport Police officer received permission to search the home and found conditions inside extremely unsanitary with rotting food and several propane tanks throughout the home as well as a bag of pills. It was also discovered three children lived in the home but were there at the time of the incident. The Sparks’ are due in court on May 21.