Lawmaker on proposed gun legislation: “Every Virginian should be afraid”

“The government will come in and be able to search your house and you’ve not been accused or alleged to have committed any criminal offense. Every Virginian should be afraid.”

Rep. Ryan McDougle during gun law debate in the Virginia Judiciary Committee packed with pro-gun and gun control advocates. The proposed laws that will now go to the floor for debate in the Virginia General Assembly include reinstating a law that allows citizens to purchase only one gun a month and the red flag law that requires law enforcement to remove weapons from individuals who are a risk to someone or themselves.

Senator Ben Chafin of Lebanon says that a particular bill puts a bullseye on the back of police officers while invading the privacy of residents without due process.

“Are we asking our law enforcement, Mr. Chairman, to go up to Ruby Ridge Drive and to beat down that door and find out what’s on the other side of it in the privacy of that man or woman’s home,” Chafin said Monday.