By The Book with Mathew Worley
Saturday 1-2 PM (encore Sunday at 1 PM)

Each Saturday, SuperTalk WFHG listeners are treated to a conversation with one of America's top non-fiction authors on By The Book hosted by Matthew Worley. Matthew is an avid non-fiction reader who loves to learn about history and politics through books. He brings his fascination with learning to the hour-long show each week as he talks with authors about their latest books, their writing process, research, and publishing. As host of By The Book, Matthew conducts interviews in a unique conversational style that seems to put guests at ease and bring listeners right into the studio. Its one of the simplest yet most interesting things I can think of. Just read a book and talk with the author, he says. Its a thrill every time a new book reaches my desk. Time to do it all again.

For more than a decade Matthew's voice has been heard over radios around the Tri-Cities. In addition to hosting a variety of programs over the years, Matthew has provided voice-over talent for radio and other media. Listeners seem to appreciate his friendly yet authoritative approach and delivery.

SuperTalk WFHG Logo Tune in each Saturday at 1pm for Matthew Worley and radio By The Book on SuperTalk WFHG. You can catch an encore presentation of each week's program on Sunday afternoons at 1 o'clock.

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