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Monday, September 30, 2013

Greeneville Suspect
A 16-year-old accused of stabbing a classmate in the back early last week will stay in a Juvenile Detention Facility until at least November. A judge issued that ruling in a court hearing on Friday. The Judge has not decided whether or not to try the teenager as an adult. Until then his name will not be released. The victim, 15-year-old Daniel Birchfield has asked forgiveness for his attacker, who stabbed him in the back at South Greene High School before classes on Tuesday. The suspect is charged with attempted first-degree murder. (CC)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Willen in Court
A Carter County teen is expected to make an appearance in criminal court today. Nicholas Willen faces 2nd Degree Murder charges after authorities say he stabbed Elijah McKinney in December 2012. Prosecutors decided to try Willen as an adult after hearing testimony earlier this month. The teenager admitted to stabbing McKinney and another juvenile victim. Willen told investigators he and another boy were confronted by the victims at 212 Cash Hollow Road. Willen said he stabbed the first boy inflicting numerous wounds, but was the boy was able to get away. After that, Willen said he noticed his friend fighting with McKinney, so he stabbed him too. McKinney suffered a stab wound that penetrated his heart. The young man with Willen was charged with tampering with evidence after helping clean the knife used in the incident.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Daniel Birchfield is described as a good student and good kid...a foster kid getting ready to be adopted. That is why students, faculty, and staff at South Greene High School were shocked when he was attacked and stabbed in the back multiple times this morning by another student. Birchfield was airllifted to Johnson City Medical Center in critical condition. The suspect, also a student at the high school, was apprehended by the school resource officer and other students. He is currently in police custody. Police say there is no threat to the school and classes will take place as scheduled. Counselors will be on hand to help students deal with the situation.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Stabbing Suspect Captured
Police say the man accused of robbing and stabbing a 64-year-old Kingsport woman over gas money has been arrested in Kentucky. 38-year-old Michael D. Ford, the second, was arrested at a gas station without incident according to Kentucky State Police. Ford is facing charges of robbery and attempted murder. Police say he entered the home of Carolyn Morris and asked her for gas money. When he didn’t receive what he thought was enough money, he became enraged. She attempted to escape but he blocked her door and then stabbed her multiple times. Ford is held in the Whitley County Kentucky Detention Center awaiting extradition back to Kingsport to face the charges. (CC)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kingsport Police Searching For Suspect
Kingsport Police say they are searching for a man that is accused of attempted murder. Michael Ford, the second is accused in a stabbing incident that happened earlier in the month. Officers responded to a home on Holyoke Street where the victim told police that Ford came to her home wanting to borrow money for gas. When he was not happy with the amount she provided he became angry with her and demanded all the money. He then stabbed her several times in the head and neck areas when she tried to escape. Police say Ford is thought to be driving an older model two-door red hatchback car. Anyone that has information on where Ford can be located should contact police.(CC)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Teen Charged As Adult In Carter County Killing
A Carter County court has ruled that a teenager charged with the stabbing death of a high school student will be tried as an adult. 15-year-old Nicholas Willen is charged with second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder for a stabbing that occurred in December of 2012. It happened in the Cash Hollow Road Section of Carter County. Willen stabbed Elijah McKinney during an altercation. The State says it decided to charge Willen as an adult after listening to testimony during a hearing in Juvenile Court. Willen will appear in Criminal Court on September 27th. (CC)

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Officer Stabbed
The search of a residence by a Washington, County officer turned into a scary situation when a police Captain was stabbed twice in the hand. The incident happened at a home on Shannon View Road where Sheriff’s officers were called to assist the FBI with a search of the residence. When they arrived they went into the basement area of the home where the suspect, 48-year-old Ray D. Sluss, had pulled a knife on investigators. Captain Larry Denny and Deputy Michael Webb were instructed to bring a Taser. That is where they saw Sluss with a knife, he managed to cut the Taser cords, and remove the probes. Police tackled Sluss but in the fight Denny was stabbed twice in the hand. Sluss attempted to stab Webb but was unsuccessful. Sluss was charged with two counts of assault on a police officer. There is no information on what the FBI was doing at the home. (CC)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Update on stabbing of pregnant woman
An update on the pregnant woman stabbed Monday as she was boarding a city bus in Johnson City. 18 year old Toni Johnson says she had an argument with her boyfriend, 28 year old Sanders Dixon a while before he stabbed her. Johnson City Police say it appears to be a planned crime as he placed the knife in an object so his prints would not be on it. Mom and Baby are OK, Dixon is being held on $200,000 Bond, charged on two counts of attempted first degree murder, one for Toni and one for the unborn child.(gw)

Friday, August 09, 2013

Man stabbed in KPT Friday morning
A domestic dispute in Kingsport in the early morning hours, Friday resulted in a man getting stabbed. It happened in a home on Warpath Drive, when 26 year old Ashley N. Kiser got in an argument with her mom. When her brother Franklin tried to mediate, Ashley attacked him. The ruckus went out into the yard, when Ashley’s boyfriend. 23 year old Anthony J. Coffee got involved, stabbing Franklin in the abdomen. The two escaped in their dark colored Honda Accord. If you have any information about these two please call the K.P.D. Criminal Investigations Division at 423-229-9429 or Kingsport Central Dispatch at 423-246-9111.(gw)

Reports of a Stabbing at Rice Terrace in Bristol, VA
Keith Riggs is getting better, but is still in critical condition after he was stabbed yesterday morning at Rice Terrace Apartments in Bristol, VA. Police say the incident occurred after an argument between Riggs and the man who lives in the apartment. Detectives say alcohol was involved and no charges have been filed at this time.

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