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Saturday, April 25, 2015

No Injury After Car Struck by Train in Johnson City
An accident involving a train hitting a car in downtown Johnson City late last night. Fortunately, no injuries reported. It happened on Roan Street downtown near Buffalo Street. The car was struck and damaged by a train but the occupant was not injured.

Tennessee Lawmaker: Many Feel Allowing Guns in Parks Shouldn't Be Left to City/County to Decide
Why all the fuss about guns in parks in Tennessee? Before action ...pushed by the NRA ...the state left it up to cities and counties whether guns in parks would be allowed. House Republican Caucus Chairman Glen Cassida. “Many citizens didn't feel like city or counties have the constitutional authority to regulate what is a constitutional right - the right to own and bear weapons.” Newly approved state law allows folks to carry guns into parks. The governor, who hesitated in signing it -- he had banned guns in parks while mayor of Knoxville -- but he did sign the bill after provisions made it clear no guns could be carried into the state capitol area or any park with a school sanctioned event going on.

Threat of K-9s Rout Out Burglary Suspects in Johnson City
Overnight, Johnson City police used the threat of K-9s to rout out burglary suspects in a vacated business on South Roan Street. They responded with reports of people inside at 1416 S Roan St, after witnesses reported seeing burglars enter a window. Officers announced they had K-9s, prompting the surrender of 31 year old Joshua Neumann of North Roan St, and 23 Year old Stefka Wiegand and Elizabeth Hofgmeister, both of 1500 Bell Ridge Rd., all charged with burglary and felony vandalism.

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